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Professional delivery

     Taking your cycling skills past the recreational level can seem like a difficult process. Not being a traditional "stick and ball" sport, finding individuals with the skill to help you improve is not always an easy task. Bender Coaching can help you navigate through the world of cycling to reach your goals. It could be specific training to help improve your singletrack skills or learning how to dismount your bike for that first cyclocross race you've been wanting to try. Perhaps you are a seasoned rider but never had any formal instruction to really improve your skills. Maybe you've found yourself in a position of needing to coach a youth team but aren't sure where to start. Bender Coaching can consult with you in those areas as well and help you get your program started in an easy to manage way. You can feel confident that Coach Dave Bender will use all of his 30+ years of cycling experience to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching Highlights

  • Coached 2022 NICA D1 and D2 JV3 WI State Champions

  • Coached 2021 NICA D1 and D2 Freshman WI State Champions

  • 2018 NICA Coach of the year

  • 2017 WI State NICA Champions D2

  • Multiple NICA team Podiums

  • Coached Athletes to

    • Varsity wins​

    • JV3 Season Champion

    • Individual podiums for middle and high school athletes

    • USA Cycling Podiums

    • Increased confidence to ride more difficult singletrack

    • Achieve cycling goals​​

  • Head Coach for youth team of over 70 athletes

  • Comprehensive season training plan development for youth teams


Varsity State Championship Win


Division 2 Team State Champs

NICA Coach of the Year 

2021 D1 & D2 WI Freshmen State Champs


Personal Success

  • USAC Licensed Pro Mountain Biker

  • 3rd Overall WORS Elite Men 40-49 2022

  • Numerous CAT 1 Mountain Bike Podiums

  • 2013 6th place finish at Mountain Bike Nationals

  • Road, Cyclocross and Fat Bike race experience

  • Extensive participation in Midwest Mountain Bike race events.

  • Overall Season top finisher in Texas and Wisconsin State Mountain Bike Series.

2022 WORS Cat 1 Junior Women Champion

2022 NICA D1 JV3 WI State Champion

2022 NICA D2 JV3 WI State Champion

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